Employment Law

As the employer-employee relationship is an ever changing world, the Law Office of Rocco E. Cozza works with both employers and employees to ensure they understand their respective rights in their relationship with the other.  When it comes to employers, we work to identify lawsuits before they happen and take a proactive approach to preventing them.  Employers rely on us to assess their current employment practices, put in place appropriate policies and procedures necessary to avoid employment-related disputes in every area of their company and in some instances, act as their outside HR department.

Our employment law services take on various forms.  Some of the services we provide include:

Employment Advice and Counsel

We serve as the employment law counsel to our some of our clients, helping them navigate the relationships with their employees as they grow their business.  We are available to our clients to provide advice when workplace issues arise.  Most employment issues require immediate attention, and we pride ourselves on our ability to respond to these matters quickly, with a personal touch.  You will quickly learn why our clients appreciate our services.  Some of the areas we advise on include:
Employment policies and handbooks
Employee background checks and screening
Independent Contractors and Temporary Employees
Job Descriptions
Labor Relations
Performance Appraisals
Personnel Training
Sexual Harassment
Trade Secrets and Restrictive Covenants

Employment Audits

Another area that our clients find extremely helpful is when we conduct employment audits.  These audits will help your company avoid litigation with a comprehensive examination of your company’s practices, which included  reviewing your internal HR policies, employment handbooks, and the practices you have in place to ensure they are in compliance with current law. In essence, employers get a peace of mind when we conduct these audits.

Employment Agreements

At the Law Office of Rocco E. Cozza, we engage with our clients to draft and review a wide range of employment-related agreements, including:
Employment Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements
Non-Solicitation Agreements
Non-Compete Agreements
Severance Agreements


In the event should you ever find yourself facing an employment-related lawsuit, all of this work with your company makes your defense that much more effective.  We will work to provide you with the very best litigation defense, all the way through trial in state or federal court if necessary.

If you are an employee that feels your rights have been violated, we will examine your case, provide insight as to whether your rights may have been violated, and if they have, we will aggressively pursue your current or former employer to ensure justice is served.

If you are in need of any of our employment law services, just…..

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