Small Business Legal Check-up

If you own a small business, do you get your annual check-up to make sure you are doing everything right? Never heard of an annual check-up? If not, you may want to consider getting a new lawyer.  All businesses need an annual check-up.  Think of it as your business’ physical exam.  You go to the doctor every year to check your health so why not go to your lawyer every year to check the health of your business.

Small business check-ups are often overlooked by business owners for fear of the high cost.  Well, this is where our firm comes in.  We offer 90-minute annual business check-ups for a low flat fee.  During the check-up, we review all of your incorporation paperwork, your contracts, your employment records and answer any questions you may have regarding the legalities of your business.  Engaging in a small business legal check-up can save you tons of money in legal fees down the road.  If you are interested in getting your check up, check out our facebook page where we are offering a special on the check-up until March 27.

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