Personal Training Business – The Important Stuff

Many fitness enthusiasts start a personal training business once they realize they are giving away free advice.  They see the opportunity to cash in on their fitness journey.  Unfortunately, Pennsylvania does not regulate personal trainers. Anyone can start a personal training business without certification.  Although not advisable, it happens and there are certain things a budding trainer needs to know.

Things To Know

First, you should incorporate your personal training business.  Incorporating provides liability protection for your personal assets from business creditors or litigants.  Most trainers with whom I have worked formed an LLC, but consult an attorney before making that decision.

Second, you need insurance.  Personal training poses a high risk to clients and providing the service without insurance is a large risk.  You should speak to a qualified business insurance broker to help find the best policy for you.

Third, you must have a well crafted contract.  Many trainers overlook this important piece. Without a contract containing liability waivers, cancellation and refund polices, etc., you are asking for trouble.  Do not be penny wise and pound foolish.  You should invest the money to engage an experienced attorney to draft our contract.  Taking one from the internet or some course is a bad idea.  You need to understand what is in your contract, how it operates and be able to explain it to your clients. By hiring a competent lawyer, this will be easy to do.

Remember, starting a new personal training business is exciting, but can be risky.  Protect yourself and your assets by engaging the right people to help you set up your business.

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