Incorporate Online

Incorporate online

As our world moves more and more online each day, people frequently incorporate their business online. In fact, search google and you will find numerous websites created to help the thrifty business owner incorporate with “minimal” cost.  Well, let me say this….caveat emptor….buyer beware.

Am I saying these sites are not a good or legitimate way to form your corporation or LLC?  Absolutely not.  These sites facilitate the filing of the appropriate state forms needed to organize your LLC or incorporate your business.  For a small fee, plus the state filing fee, a business owner can incorporate themselves without the hassle of finding and paying for a lawyer.  However, one must understand which entity is right for their business.  Most of these websites won’t answer these questions.  By attempting to save money, one may end up spending a lot more in the end.

Regardless, in most cases, having an Attorney set up your business entity, be it an LLC or corporation, may not cost much more than what one of those websites charge.  You gain the peace of mind that your entity is properly structured and your business has the right foundation for future success.  If you are interested in learning about our office’s Business Start-up Package, contact us today.

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